Bringing Australia the finest seafood from around the globe since 1995

Bringing Australia the finest seafood from around the globe since 1995

About us

Delivering the world's finest

At Pacific West, we’ve been supplying the world’s seafood to the Australian food industry since 1995.

Backed by our heritage and driven forward by innovation, we constantly seek new and better ways to deliver a diverse range of quality produce, from food service, to retail brands, and private label supply.

With robust international partnerships, we’re able to bring you the  nest variety of seafood from around the globe. We’re committed to integrating many facets of our business to ensure consistent delivery of premium products… from ocean to plate.

We're all about sustainability

As concern for the environment deepens, it’s our responsibility to do the right thing. So when you purchase Pacific West Sustainable Harvest products you can assure your customers you’re committed to social responsibility and the health of our oceans.

You can be confident we source our seafood responsibly, with a preference for products certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). The MSC is globally recognised as the most rigorous and robust sustainable certification program for wild capture fisheries. Pacific West is proud to have been the first in the industry to introduce value added seafood products meeting MSC standards.

We’re also pleased to be a signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO). The APCO is a sustainable packaging initiative aiming to increase recycling and sustainable packaging, while reducing packaging waste.

We're all about global trading lines

Our trusted global supply chain allows us to offer a wide range of raw seafood and commodity lines with many seasonal species on offer year round.

In addition to our extensive core trading line, we’re often able to procure more exotic requests from our global network. 

We're all about integration and scale

We have a long-standing partnership with our value added production facility in Malaysia, Golden Fresh, which allows us the flexibility to respond to shifting consumer demand quickly and ensures consistently high standards.

Golden Fresh’s facility spans over 80,000 sq.ft. It has a combined capacity of up to 10,000 metric tonnes and is capable of processing more than 100 product variations.

We're all about value added food service

From classic seafood favourites, to new products developed in response to changing consumer tastes, our extensive range of value added seafood offers versatility and efficiency to commercial kitchens of all sizes. Designed in collaboration with chefs to be cooked from frozen, our products leave plenty of room for your unique creative signature.

We also offer a wide range of finger food and Asian style pastries including hand rolled prawn cones and cocktail sized spring rolls and samosas.

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