Pacific West Lightly Dusted Squid Pieces Product

Lightly Dusted Squid Pieces

These hand cut squid pieces are lightly crumbed in a soft bread crumb. The rustic cut lends the product to buffet and share plate menus. The variety of cuts and shapes gives this product a house made appearance.

Pacific West Hand Cut Panko Squid Rings Product

Hand Cut Panko Squid Rings

Hand cut squid rings dipped in an authentic Japanese panko crumb. Our panko squid rings will add that premium upmarket dimension to your menu in a convenient and affordable manner. Perfect for hotels, restaurants, pubs & clubs, as well as cafes.

Pacific West Salt Pepper  Calamari Product

Salt & Pepper Calamari

Tender strips of squid tossed in a salt & pepper coating.

Pacific West Crumbed Scallops Product

Crumbed Scallops

These sweet and tender scallops are available with an authentic tempura batter or in a light Japanese crumb. These versatile products are great for up market functions, hotels, pubs & clubs and much more.

Pacific West Seafood Baskets Classic Product

Seafood Baskets Classic

A classic blend of crumbed and battered seafoods in a conveniently portion controlled pack.

Pacific West Cauliflower Popcorn Product

Cauliflower Popcorn

Lightly coated hand cut cauliflower florets.

Pacific West Salt Pepper  Mushrooms Product

Salt & Pepper Mushrooms

Sliced mushrooms tossed in a savoury crumb.

Hand Crumbed Flathead Fillets

Flathead fillets hand coated with fresh panko crumb. This natural fillet is skinless, deboned and has a quality up-market presentation.

Pacific West Crumbed Hoki Fillets Product

Crumbed Hoki Fillets

MSC certified Hoki fish fillets coated in a light crispy breadcrumb. Suitable for both deep fryer and conventional oven.

Pacific West Panko Prawns Product

Panko Prawns

Pacific West panko prawns are stretched and coated in a Japanese crumb. These tender and crispy prawns are beautiful golden brown once fried. With a high prawn content and a quality Japanese crumb they are a perfect upmarket product.