Chilli Squid Tacos with Pickled Onions

Pacific West's Chilli Squid can easily be transformed into tacos with minimal labour involved. A light menu addition for lunch, our chilli squid tacos are a great alternative to burgers and sandwiches. Treat your patrons to something new! Ideal for pubs and hotels.


Scallops, Squid & Prawns & Leaf Salad w Palm Sugar Vinaigrette

Mixed Seafood, a Leaf Salad w/ Palm Sugar Vinaigrette

Tempura scallop, prawns and salt & pepper squid are a great combination served on a bed of fresh herbs and leaves and finished with a palm sugar vinaigrette. The vinaigrette can be scaled and used to order. Keep refrigerated ready for use. Try the salad vinaigrette combination with other premium products from Pacific West. Ideal for pubs, hotels and bistros.


Scallops, Squid & Prawns with Horseradish Cream

Scallops, Squid & Prawns with Horseradish Cream

A simple horseradish cream is a great condiment to premium fried seafood. Here we use Pacific Wests tempura scallops and prawns and salt & pepper squid.

Be sure to use horseradish root and not the jarred variety! Serve the dish on a bed of leaves. A great dish for pubs, hotels and bistros.


udon with crumbed squid rings p

Crumbed Squid Rings in Udon

Udon with crumbed squid rings is a labour light addition to lunch menus. Shichimi togarashi, also known as Japanese seven spice, is a blend of  red chili pepper, sansho pepper,  poppy seeds, sesame seeds, ginger, citrus peel, and nori. Experiment with the Shichimi togarashi to ensure you are adding the right amount of heat to this dish.

Japanese fish cakes or Kamaboko is a type of cured seafood product where various white fish are pureed, seasoned and steamed to various shapes. Its savoury flavour makes for an excellent addition to our udon.

This dish is suitable for pubs, larger cafes, hotels and pub bistros.


Pan Cooked Squid w/ Garlic, Chili & Parsley

A classic Mediterranean dish that can be served as a starter or part of a mixed seafood platter. Our grilled squid w/ garlic, chilli & parsley can be cooked to order and be served in under ten minutes. This is a labour light addition to menus that relies on quality produce more than cooking skills. A versatile dish that is ideal for kitchens looking for simple, appealing dishes. We use Pacific West's pineapple cut super tender squid .

panko squid rings with a pea salad

Panko Squid Rings w/ Lemon Aioli + Pea Salad

Panko squid rings with a lemon aioli mint and pea salad is a dish that can be made in under ten minutes by having the peas blanched prior to service. A great shared plate or light lunch menu option. Alternate the salad with other other squid products from the Pacific West range including: tempura squid, salt + pepper squid and lightly dusted squid pieces.


Panko Squid with Greek Lentil Salad

Panko Squid with Greek Lentil Salad

This squid with Greek lentil salad is a great addition to lunch and dinner menus. Scale the panko squid and finish with the lentil salad to order. This is a labour light solution for stressed kitchens looking for quality, value recipe options. A great inclusion to pub, hotel and bistro menus.

Credit image and recipe: Healthy Eating Club

Pacific West Squid Options with an amazing Sweet Chilli Sauce

Make our sweet chilli sauce prior to service and keep refrigerated for up to two weeks. Serve with any of Pacific West's value added squid products - Salt and Pepper Squid, Tempura Squid Rings, Panko Squid Rings, Lightly Dusted Squid Pieces and  Chilli Squid Tenders. Ideal for functions and events, shared plates or serve as entrees. With our sweet chilli sauce made to scale - these fantastic squid options can be ready to serve in under five minutes. Pacific West's range of squid options are a great choice for caterers, restaurants, cafes, pubs and clubs.


Amalfi Calamari Pasta

Amalfi Calamari Pasta

Our Amalfi calamari pasta is fast to make and labour light thanks to using fully prepped squid rings that have been coated in a panko crumb and ready to cook. The dish can be made to order in under 10 minutes and guarantees a high profit margin. Ideal for pubs and hotels, here is a great menu addition that will work on lunch and dinner lineups. In our Amalfi calamari pasta we use Pacific West's hand cut squid rings dipped in a panko crumb.

This recipe serves 4. Image courtesy bon appetit



Sicilian Salad w/ Lightly Dusted Squid Pieces

Squid Pieces with a Sicilian Salad

A true Mediterranean classic dish. Watermelons are the perfect food for a hot day' fresh, juicy, vibrant and cooling. They are nature's antidote to the sweltering heat. Pair with lightly dusted squid pieces and this dish belongs on hotel and pub verandahs on a hot Summer day. Serve with a cold beer or a crisp white wine. Cook, plate and serve in under 10 minutes.

We use Pacific West's lightly dusted squid. Hand cut squid pieces lightly crumbed in a soft bread crumb. The variety of cuts and shapes gives this product a house made appearance.