Pacific West Super Tender Squid Tubes Product

Super Tender Squid Tubes

Always tender to the bite, these squid tubes are fully trimmed to ensure 100% yield.

Pacific West Super Tender Pineapple Cut Product

Super Tender Pineapple Cut

Wild caught Bartrammi species, always tender to the bite, Lightly scored ready for all cooking applications

Pacific West Lightly Dusted Squid Pieces Product

Lightly Dusted Squid Pieces

These hand cut squid pieces are lightly crumbed in a soft bread crumb. The rustic cut lends the product to buffet and share plate menus. The variety of cuts and shapes gives this product a house made appearance.

Pacific West Hand Cut Panko Squid Rings Product

Hand Cut Panko Squid Rings

Hand cut squid rings dipped in an authentic Japanese panko crumb. Our panko squid rings will add that premium upmarket dimension to your menu in a convenient and affordable manner. Perfect for hotels, restaurants, pubs & clubs, as well as cafes.

Pacific West Salt Pepper  Calamari Product

Salt & Pepper Calamari

Tender strips of squid tossed in a salt & pepper coating.

Pacific West Tempura Squid Rings Product

Tempura Squid Rings

All natural squid rings in an authentic tempura batter. Ideal for hotels, pub & clubs, caterers, restaurants and function centres.

Pacific West Chilli Squid Tenders Product

Chilli Squid

Tender squid strips coated in a mild chilli crumb. The chilli squid offers a flavourful spicy alternative to the traditional salt & pepper squid, suitable for a variety of menus.


Pacific West Salt Pepper Squid Product

Salt & Pepper Squid

Salt & pepper squid has a succulent tender texture with a superb quality crispy coating. These bite-sized squid pieces are a favourite amongst customers. Perfect for all occasions.

Pacific West Crumbed Squid Rings Product

Crumbed Squid Rings (natural/formed)

Squid rings cut from natural or formed squid. Once cooked, these squid rings offer a quality golden, crispy crumb. This is advantageous for hotels, pubs & clubs and function centres looking to serve a delicious prodouct which will minimise wastage and reduce labour costs.